What’s In Your Kit?

Our weekly home meal delivery kits empower people with a week's worth of nutritious, portion-controlled meals that fit many needs and taste preferences. Discover some of the healthy, dynamic options you have to choose from inside each delivery box.

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Mealtime made simple

A week's worth of choices means you control what you eat. Simply open the fridge and pick the meal that looks tastiest to you that day. Then heat and eat!

Flexible & balanced

We craft enticing menus full of entree, side and snack options that work together seamlessly. Choose whether you enjoy your peas, broccoli or a baked potato to go with your grilled chicken, and follow it up with pudding, a chocolate chip cookie or some fresh fruit. You pick!

Larger & fresher

Our portions are larger and offer more fresh fruit than other services, all vacuum-sealed for freshness so your meal is ready when you’re ready.

Lower in sodium

Our dieticians create menus that are lower in sodium (no canned veggies) and include plenty of heart-healthy options like fresh fruit, healthy grains and lean protein.


The entrees, sides and snacks included in each home meal delivery kit are delicious, full of goodness and fit easily into a healthier lifestyle—enjoyed right at home.

Special considerations

We’ll account for food allergies, special medical conditions, vegetarian preferences, religious considerations and more. Then, we’ll make any necessary slight changes so you can enjoy nutritious meals safely.

Where healthy meets tasty

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